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Have any questions about my program?  Well, here's some important information that will help clear up your concerns.
Roni's HyperCash Profit Share Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who processes the signups?
A. All signups are processed by CCBill.

Q. Is there a minimum amount I have to generate to get paid?
A. Actually, you must have at least $50 due to you before a check is sent out by CCBill. All amounts are accumulated month to month for monies under $50.

Q. How does CCBill track the signups?
A. When you sign-up, you are given a unique HTMLcode to link to Roni's Paradise. When a surfer clicks on that code, they are given a cookie that shows where they came from. When that surfer joins Roni's Paradise, CCBill looks for that cookie and you are credited with that membership. The new cookie system makes it so that you, the Webmaster has to do absolutely no programming. Simply post the HTML code on Roni's link. This cookie stays with the surfer for 30 days, so even if he leaves and then returns later to join, you still get credit for the sign-up.

Q. When will I get paid and who pays me?
A. CCBill religiously pays out on a WEEKLY basis, so there's never a long wait for your cash.

Q. How do I get your Free Hosted Galleries or image promo packs?
A. After completing your sign up as an affiliate, you must email my webmaster with your affiliate code and the website you're associated with, OR a statement on how you will be promoting us before you are given access to our content page.

Q. Can I use photos from Roni's Members Area?
A. No, only photos from our Free Hosted Galleries or HyperCash zip packs are allowed to be used. Once you sign up, you will be given access to a page where you can download our promotional images.

Q. How do I know I'm not being shaved or ripped off?
A. This is one of the reasons we use CCBill. CCBill is a third party that makes its money by charging Roni's Paradise a fee for every sign up we proccess. As a third party, CCBill wants to make as much money as they can so they have no reason to "shave" your sign ups.

Q. Do I get paid for exit console sales and membership-area upsells to Roni's Paradise?
A. Absolutely! When your surfers find us through your links or banners, you will be credited with all membership purchases to our site. Just remember to include your affiliate code into the links and relax!  Many of our partner webmasters earn a large portion of their sales through this feature, so go for it!

Q. How can I see how many sign-ups I'm getting?
A. CCBill provides real time statistics for our webmasters and their traffic. Just click on the "Login" link on the Navigation Bar above.

Q. Can I refer other webmasters to your program?
A. By all means, yes!  Send other webmasters to our HyperCash Affiliate Program and make 10% of all initial as well as recurring sales generated by them!  Just shoot them our way, sit back and wait for your checks to roll's that simple!  Place the code below, on a text or image link on your site and we'll do the rest.

Make sure you replace "XXXXXX" with the numeric ID assigned to you by CCBill.

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