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1. You will earn 50% of all sign-ups and all rebills thereafter for the life of the member.

2. All monies will be tracked and paid directly from CCBill.

3. E-mail marketing (spamming) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and anyone involved in such activities will be immediately removed from our Affiliate Program.

4. All full size images must always be accompanied by a link to

5. The use of banners and textlinks are approved. All banners and images must be served from your server.

6. No images may be used to promote Age Verification Services.
Even if you have links posted to our website within the AVS.

7. Sites that contain; Child Pornography, Bestiality, Warez, Illegal Passwords, Rape and acts of violence are strictly prohibited from advertising for us or using any of our promotional banners and images.

8. We reserve the right to suspend any accounts without notice if found to be violating any of our terms
in any way, shape or form.


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