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  Since I started my web site over sixteen years ago, I've received thousands of emails from members who just wanted to send me their thoughts and compliments and I guess that's what has kept me going through the years. Heck, I could always tell you how great I think my site is, but you'd probably think that I was full of "bull" and my words would mean nothing. Well, that's why I decided to include a few reviews and letters from a handful of members to let them share their thoughts.
We offer you a high quality, high content, honest site with a real personality behind it...ME. 
Yes, I am real and I do answer all my emails personally. 
See you inside baby!

You have a gift...very few women, regardless of age, that can bring as much pleasure and happiness into a man's life. I am living proof of the impact of your boundless sensuality. I have never met a woman quite like you and you fascinate me to no end. I think 60 is a great age to be doing your thing and, let me tell you, you still got it baby! You are extremely have such an endearing personality that makes any man feel so "warm and fuzzy" love to give your all, especially when it comes to giving a man pleasure. So you're absolutely correct...why stop! It's time to explore this power you possess and make some more discoveries about yourself. The thrilling part is that you can do this as a woman of know what you know how to please. I see you walking with that confident stride that is oh so sexy. I see you taking charge in 2012...go for it Roni...make it a great year for "Paradise"!

While there are lots of professional stocking models and fetish sites, there is something special about sites such as yours. You are very real, which is what I think made your site so great. You're not a professional model though the quality of your photos and work was on par with those of professionals.

Just wanted to say how great it was to wake up this morning and see that new update and message!! Seeing that you aren't going to retire definitely made me much happier! I was a little upset at first because you were going to retire and I was just starting to get to know you much better, but now I don't have to worry about that.

You've got this sensual look in your eyes which is beyond comparison. Every gallery is and was erotically charged and so brilliant and thoughtfully photographed and there's no one around who could compete with you. To me you're still NUMBER ONE!!!

Over the years I have tried subscriptions to other sites but all of them failed to keep fresh content. Your site is the only one I have stayed with over all these years. You're so beautiful and absolutely ageless, we should all be so lucky. You've certainly made us very happy and I wish you all the best!!! In a time when everything we looked forward to seems to have closed down and gone away you have certainly given me something to look forward to. Thanks so very much for all you do.

When you saw that so many people were upset that you might be closing down your web site, that says a lot. Your age is really a non-issue when it comes to being an adult entertainer, you're smoking hot and have the ability to cause erections in men of all ages. Personally, I think you look like you're in early 40's. I'm so glad that you reconsidered and are keeping the web site going. You're making a lot of people, myself included, very happy that you did :)
Love you Roni :)

As a pantyhose lover i was blown away by your fantastic pantyhose tease which got me rock hard and jerking from start to finish. Love your sexy hot legs in those boots... how i would love to lick your sweet pussy through the pantyhose... the Boston improper photo set nearly gave me a heart attack. There where many great cam - and other videos along the years but to me this one is unbdelievable - H O T -, ball draining hot like nothing i've ever seen before by you. you've got me jerking and jerking - i had to watch this at least 3 times in a row - until i shoot a really big load for you...can't wait for the next vid.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your web site, you are sooooo damn sexy and pretty!! you have an ultimate body, and such a great personality, you always seem to enjoy and are happy (prettiest smile) about what your doing in your video's and cam video's, and you are such a sexual creature, seems you always know what to do to make your viewers happy, I have cum soooo many times to watching you in action, and you have given me some of the hardest cums ever baby! wish I could be with a woman like you just once in my life, then I could die happy.

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